Forum Rules

Welcome to the Abax-Protocol Community Forum!

Our discussions are dedicated to the emerging Abax DAO, and relevant topics will change as we move forward through phases. For now, we focus on the following topics:

Discussions on these topics will be initiated by Abax-Protocol creators. They will define the problems, and propose their solutions, as a starting point for discussions.

Please, keep the discussion in this forum clean and substantive. For less formal discussion and brainstorming, we recommend chat channels or our discord server and telegram telegram group.

If an important topic related to our goals has not been discussed yet, feel free to start a new thread. Please include the following in your initial post:

  1. Abstract/Summary
  2. Motivation - Why this topic/problem is essential for the community? (Provide details)
  3. Proposition/Solution - Explain your idea in detail. How does it benefit our community and how can it be accomplished? (Provide details)

We do not discuss the following topics here:

  • Asset prices discussion (unrelated to the safety of the protocol)
  • Generic DeFi discussion
  • Any support requests
  • Off-topic conversations

For support please navigate to: discord server.

Please note that moderators will remove any posts that are offensive or irrelevant to this forum. We strive to maintain a substantive discussion-only environment. If your actions bring more harm than good to the discussion, you will be removed by the moderators.