Community Existence Purpose

Welcome to the Abax-Protocol Community!

a forum for DeFi enthusiasts who are passionate about blockchain and want to contribute to the creation and development of a decentralized lending system on the Aleph Zero blockchain. Our goal is to establish a DAO to govern the Abax Protocol, a lending pool smart-contract system, which was built as part of the Aleph Zero Builders program.

The Abax Protocol is a decentralized and transparent lending system, providing users with accessible lending and borrowing experience with the greatest control over their finances. Within this community, we will discuss the foundational elements of the DAO, including governance processes and tokenomics, as well as the visual identity and name of the DAO. We hope to build a truly decentralized and democratic decision-making process that will benefit the protocol and its users. Additionally, this forum is the right place to discuss the Abax Protocol itself.

The community’s purpose can be divided into three phases:
Abax DAO (Phase 1) - First, we aim to converge on the vision of the DAO by establishing governance processes, tokenomics, visual identity, and naming conventions. Once complete, we will develop and deploy the necessary smart contracts to realize our vision and move towards on-chain governance.
Abax Protocol (Phase 2) - Once the on-chain governance is set up the goal is to deploy the Abax-Protocol smart contracts and provide a user-friendly web application that simplifies the usage of the Abax-Protocol smart-contract system.
Abax Grow (Phase 3) - The final goal is to promote DeFi and contribute collectively to the development of the Abax Protocol by proposing and implementing improvements, including user experience, protocol security, and performance. Moreover, as we grow, we would like to start a non-profit foundation that will represent our DAO in the legal world.

Our community is dedicated to establishing a truly decentralized lending system on the Aleph Zero network, without seeking personal gain. We are excited to collaborate with one another to build a robust DAO and lending platform that meets the needs of users in a secure and transparent manner.

Our vision for the future is clear - we will converge on the DAO’s vision, release the first version of the governance system, and distribute tokens. We will then function as a decentralized organization to manage and further develop the Abax-Protocol lending system.

We believe that community involvement and participation are essential to the success of the Abax-Protocol DAO. Your input and contributions are invaluable in building a decentralized lending system that truly reflects the needs and desires of people.