Landing Page Feedback

Dear community members,

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the Landing Page. Your input is valuable to us as we strive to make improvements and ensure that the website effectively communicates our value proposition. Please share your thoughts on the following:

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Does the messaging and branding accurately represent our protocol and goals?
  • Are there any areas where you think we could improve?

Your feedback will help us make sure that we are effectively engaging our target audience and conveying our message in the most effective way possible. We believe that your insights and suggestions are crucial to making this happen!


Hello! The landing page looks neat overall. I just want to mention one thing. After scrolling down, it feels like the page is filled with so many texts. Maybe spreading all those sections would be better to the eye. Just my 2 cents! Good luck on your journey btw, and welcome to the AZERO ecosystem!


Hey guys! I agree with the previous post. Whilst I like the clean look, it could do with better spacing and perhaps some more graphics (in a similar clean "feel’) hinting/related to the protocol and it’s offering.

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Good to be hear and hoping to learn more and get involved

The tagline is a bit too vague, I think. It could maybe be a bit more straightforward?

It’s currently: With fair interest rates and high security, you can grow your capital with Abax both as a lender as well as a borrower.

Firstly, I think mentioning I can grow my capital with Abax is implicit in the fact that you’re a lending protocol, so that space could be used to add more info about Abax.

Secondly, I get questions like:

  1. What is “fair interest rates”?
  2. High security of what?

I’ll think about an alternative, but I think it ideally should contain, in a simple fashion, what Abax is, and secondary, why it’s unique.

  • Lending protocol (implies I can deposit my funds, and earn)
  • Decentralized (implies security and non-custody)
  • Cross chain (implies better liquidity)

Maybe something in the direction of: Cross-chain, decentralized lending platform, with improved interested rates.

I need to chew a bit more on this one :slight_smile:


Hey the site is great! I just have some ideas to clean it up and use the space effectively. The Pink areas displayed do not indicate any color or shape im trying to convey. They are only placeholders for text or other assets.

Edits still need to be made as this is very rough!

I also changed up the text just to show how a impact statement might be more effective. Just an Idea! Feel free to ask questions on why I added or removed anything.